sometimes, when you’re away, i visit the apartment

  W    H    Y    johnlock  

you’re the marshal / yes, and you’re the deputy

  dw    how    h    o    w    amy    eleven    this episode was so pretty    q  


eleven/amy alphabet

“God, I’ve missed you.”

  omg christie    HOW    h    o    w    otp: fish fingers and custard  

“It was like, great, I’m getting my dream job! Wait a second — I have to have my boobs out all the time? In season two, I get to wear clothes! I’m super happy.”

  f: emilia clark    h    o    w    i am a queue  
  how    h    o    w    m: ian somerhalder    i am a queue  

You could be born in the 20th century and die in the 19th and it’s all my fault. I brought you here.

  why have i never seen this photo before    why    w    h    y    otp: my doctor  
  wow hq    wow    w    o    w    m: sherlock  

I have to be social tonight. 

How do you do it. 


  h    o    w  


You wanna piece of me?

  h    o    w    f: freema agyeman  


au: john meets sherlock at a fancy christmas party.

I might do a first meetings series if it hasn’t been done yet.

16 followers from my next hundred!

  HOW    W    H    A    T  

Woah my queue actually finished. 

I didn’t think this would ever happen. 

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