sdjhfjshdkhdfskjhlhdfs    omg    i can't with this photoset    b    e    s    t  
  JHLDSJFKHDLKJSHD    YES    Y    E    S    dark!doctor is my favourite    absolute    AU  

I legit only have vowels on Scrabble rn. 

  fishy was right    i do only blog about scrabble    sigh    quality blogging 2k11    it's tense though man    like    i have    a    e    e    e    e    i    o    wtf  

  imagine if i got to 3000 followers by new year    imagine    i    m    a    g    i    n    e  


See these beautiful people? They are flawless, amazing, and really just wonderful. All of them are the definition of koala tea, and I feel blessed to have their awesomeness grace my dash everyday. If you’re not following them… well, you’re doing it wrong.

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