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28/100 Photos of Matt Smith.

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14/100 photos of Matt Smith

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Top 6 David Tennant/food photos — asked by tardisalert

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Josh Hutcherson @ Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (31.03)

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Can I just point out the unadulterated love and gratitude in David’s eyes in that second shot. This mini-ep brought these two men face-to-face with the joy they’ve brought to so many people through Who, and the joy they will continue to bring, for years to come. David’s childhood love of Who came through Peter Davison. David’s performance inspired Matt, and has brought a whole new generation of Whovians to the philosophy of childlike wonder and adventure inherent in the show. It gives me chills.

And let’s not forget these two men are family, now. Such a poetically fitting thing.