#this is the type of trolling i appreciate #because now you can go back to episodes like ‘new earth’ and wonder what ‘ancient songs’ that nurse is referring to #and you know it’s going to be something like i’m sexy and i know it

purely for that tag.

#but it makes me wonder how jack went from being Mr. Sex to being a disembodied head #Like #there are some serious theories #Like that one that he got beheaded by the headless monks but his head lived on because he is jack motherfucking harkness and he will take… #and then there’s my personal favorite #that as he got older his head got bigger #until he was finally like #I HAVE A BIG HEAD #AND LITTLE ARMS #and idk maybe he went back in time and fucked a lizard #and produced the dinosaurs #So we’re all descended from Jack Harkness #even Jack Harkness is descended from Jack Harkness #and a lizard #the lizard is important

  HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG    i can't even    ten  
  this woman    this film    i can't even  

omg guys has anybody seen shutter island?

because i just can’t.

i’m questioning my existance.

doctor who meme ♣ five otps; doctor/tardis {5/5} 

come on then, sexy


Sherlock 2x02 -The Hounds of Baskerville

Stay away from the moor at night if you value your lives. 

freemas asked: Ugh what is this blog? I hate it so much. Quit tumblr. Go get some flaws. Give the rest of us a chance to be quality. Stop hogging it all. goSH.

oscarstardis asked: Honest opinion of your blog? YOU'RE A HO ;) Real honest opinion of your blog? It's fantastic Kayt. There's so much of you in here and I love you, you're just wonderful. I remember the first time we chatted and I couldn't believe that you, YOU, exterminateregeneratekate the famous blogger was talking to ME. I was amazed still am a bit. And you're so lovely and funny and wonderful and one of the best friends I've made on Tumblr and I love you so much so thank you Kayt for being your wonderful self

flyawaytogallifrey-deactivated2 asked: Honest opinion? I love you to pieces, and I know I say that daily, but I mean it. I've been better since I got Tumblr. I've been less depressed than I had been for 3 years, and you have always been a part of Tumblr. And you've been a friend, especially in these recent months, we've been really good friends, and I don't know what I'd do without you, because you always make things so much better. Ok, I'm being cheesy. *wipes tears from eyes*